Aneta is a Slovakian photographer – born in 1990 in the Slovak republic – currently living in Denmark. She graduated from Fine Arts studies at the University of J. E. Purkyně in the Czech Republic. She has been drawn by the medium of photography for over eight years as she uses it as a devotion to explore herself to the deepest parts. Her inspiration comes from everyday life situations. Throughout the work she learns to see the most extraordinary in the most ordinary life. Aneta considers herself as a reciter of tales. Tales which are drawn by light. Aneta tends to idealise events by implementing the illusions, visions into her work. Aneta had a solo exhibition called Momentum in the Slovakia and had become a part of shared exhibitions in the Slovakia and across the Czech republic. She published one of her books called Discreet zone.

“My work has been always based on comparison of what is considered to be real and what is declared as a fiction. I’ve always felt captivated by the magic of life such as visions, illusions and dreams interpreted through art.”